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Holding Plant

Our Mission

In 2020 the world changed forever. We saw first hand how our actions easily effected each other and the planet we live on and not always in a positive way.

This changed us as individuals and our mission as a business.

Looking after our planet is so important and being aware of the effect we're having on climate change. 

So we are actively becoming an

environmentally friendly salon by reducing our plastic consumption and choosing to recycle.


You will see us choosing more options for retail where you can either refill your product or use packaging that can be recycled

We also aim to making our salon a Vegan friendly experience.

Meaning we will offer treatments and products that will be free from animal products and animal cruelty. 

This is a big process and we will NOT compromise on our services to you in the change.

During 2020 we made some changes to our products used and we will continue to bring you only the best moving forward that impact the environment in a more positive way.


We all have a part to play in caring for our environment and our planet & we want to make that easier for you when you visit us.

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