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Hey Beautiful, I'm Carla

Specialising in nails & and relaxing facials

Carla is the salon go-to for advice.  She's the kind of team member who leaves little notes in on station to brighten our day and will bring in a feast of treats just to brighten our day. Resident sweetheart, right here!

Carla the manager 1.jpg
Morning Coffee

My favourite thing about being a beauty therapist is opportunity to help my clients express their personality through their nail art. Nails don't have to be 'the norm'!

If you sit in my chair plan on being able to bring your nail fantasies in to reality. I make nails FUN & UNIQUE, just like you.

I knew I would join the beauty industry after seeing a nail art display box, my Mum's mobile nail technician had brought when I was just 12! I knew I wanted to create beautiful nails that would make women feel amazing and confident & I've spent the last 19 years making that dream a reality.

I am fuelled by my love of pumpkin spiced lattes and listening to inspirational podcasts. When I'm not in the salon, I'm taking Yoga classes, enjoying game night with my family or curling up with a good book and getting cosy.

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