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Chakra Balancing

Remove unwanted energies that no longer serve you. Restoring an even flow of energy through your chakra system can be energising and revitalising.


What are Chakras 

Chakras are our energy centres in our body . we have 7 of them from the base of our spine to the top of our head.   When these energy centres aren't spinning together and are "unbalanced" or even blocked it can cause dis-ease within our body.

Some symptom of unbalanced chakras :
. Lack of energy 
. Fear of expression
.Negative feelings 
. Feeling stuck
. Aches & Pains 

Image by Valerie Elash

"I’ve just had my first diamond facial and it was fantastic. My skin is silky smooth and really healthy looking. I’ve already booked in for my next one!”

— Kim Wantoch

"My skin is glowing , smooth and fresh. I feel like I’ve just been born!!!
Highly recommended Carla"

— Angela Rhodes

Who is a Chakra Balance for?

Anyone can have their chakras balanced . Its a great way to relieve day to day stresses of life, remove unwanted toxins and reset your energy centres to feel more positive

What to expect in your Chakra Balance treatment ?

You will be made comfortable in our beauty room where our holistic therapist will discuss your chakras and see if they are blocked or unbalanced using a crystal pendulum.
You will then be guided through a colour sequence meditation while the 7 chakra stones are placed on your body.
This is followed by a shoulder, neck and head massage to release all that unwanted tension. The ultimate renewal feeling.

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